Wine and Spirits Options in Delhi

Local and imported beer, wine, and spirits are easily available in Delhi. Imported wine is heavily taxed and marked-up: expect to pay at least Rs. 1000. Decent local table wines, such as those made by Sula and Grover, will cost you as little as Rs. 500. Don’t buy anything cheaper, it will likely be horrible.

Kingfisher is India’s most popular local beer and will cost around Rs.35 for a pint (expect to pay 5-10 times that for the same thing in a bar, though!). Locally botteled Tuborg is probably the best non-imported beer and will cost you about Rs.45 for a pint.

Locally-manufactured versions of international liquor brands such as Bacardi and Smirnoff are also popular. India’s best liquor, some would argue, is the affordable and warming red rum known as “Old Monk”. If you like to drink, don’t leave India without trying it.

If you want to by alcohol in Delhi, you’ll most likely end up going to a “Beer and Wine Shop”, or tekha as it’s called in Hindi. Most liquor shops in Delhi are run by Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation, DSIDC, the government wine selling agency, or Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC). These can sometimes be a little rough, and are often prime targets for pickpockets, especially around their 10PM closing time.

You can locate your closest liquor shop through the following link:

The DSIDC outlet in Greater Kailash is known locally as Diageo’s (Phone; 29212256; Open from 10am to 10pm) and is situated in the Savitri Cinema complex right by Outer Ring Road and has separate temperature regulated area for wine and is actually pleasant to walk into. You can find over 250 wine labels from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, and the US. Some grocery stores have started stocking beer and wine, including Spencer’s in Gurgaon and Star Bazaar in Kailash Colony.

Wine enthusiasts may be interested in joining the Delhi Wine Club, which hosts regular tastings with professional sommeliers and other wine-related events.