Opening a Bank Account Guide

Opening a bank account in Delhi is easy and fairly straightforward, and some banks even allow customers to open accounts on-line. In many cases, your employer will open up a bank account on your behalf. This is called a “salary account” and will be used to deposit your salary electronically. You’ll simply need to provide a photocopy of your passport and visa pages to your employer, who will deal with the rest. Alternatively, you can open your own account in addition to the salary account. Opening your own bank account

Depending on the currency and your country of citizenship, there are various types of bank account options available for you. Each bank will have varying options and rates; consult the websites to find an account plan that suits your needs.

One account of particular interest for expats is a QA22 Account. This account allows the account holder to bank funds in local currency (INR) as well as foreign currency. Though withdrawals within India are possible only in local currency, you can withdraw money via ATM when you are abroad. To get this facility, remember to check saving account option ‘internationally’.

Documents required for a QA22 Bank Account Application:

  • The bank’s ‘QA22 Account’ application form completed with all the information. You will need to personally meet with the bank official for an interview before your application can be accepted.
  • A declaration of overseas sources of credit into account.
  • Two copies of recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Letter of appointment from your employer.
  • One US dollar to open the account.
  • You will also need a copy of valid passport and employment visa (E-type).

When you open an account with a foreign bank, check to make sure you can access money from the ATMs of other local banks in places where your bank has no presence