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There are many bookshops around the city, though most only sell books in one of the local languages. The majority of bookstores contain French books but there are places where you can get books in other languages. English books can be found in some locations, though often not very good collections. The selection of books is, in many ways, reflective of the culture with literature in novels, art and comic books, and much more. There are several chain bookstores and perhaps more interestingly, many private bookstores littered around the city, many with fantastic collections of books. Below is a list of some chains in the city, websites supplied if available:

Bookstore Chains

Standaard Boekhandel - Flemish bookstore chain offering a wide-range of books, mainly in Flemish, including books for school, university etc. Please see the website for a shop near you,

FNAC - Offering a wide selection of books in many languages (including English), this chain-store also has a good reference section and offers music and photo service as well. Nieuwstraat123/401, Brussels 1000. Telephone:…

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