Baby Sitters Guide for Expats

Indians usually do not leave children with babysitters, instead, extended family and in-laws help raise children. However, working mothers in nuclear families are increasingly starting to leave their children at daycare centres and enrolling the help of nannies. If you have small children you may consider hiring a part- or full-time nanny. It is a good idea to network with locals and other expats to find recommendations. Also see the domestic help section for tips on hiring staff for your home.

Some agencies specializing in babysitting and nanny services:

  • Alankrita Services offers background-checked babysitting staff within 48 hours notice
  • Christ Helpline Service offers various domestic help assistance, including baby-sitting (Mobile: 9743234131; email:
  • Balakunj Play Home & Baby Sitting (Frazer Town) (Phone: 080-25513695)

You can also leave a job posting on Nanny Agency: or Great Au Pair