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New Zealand

Probably the closest thing New Zealand has to “traditional breads” are the bap, a soft, round white roll used for sandwiches, and hot cross buns, a popular Easter treat. Beyond this, Aucklanders’ taste in bread tends toward European varieties like Italian ciabatta, French baguettes, Turkish pide and many other breads made with plain white flour. Whole grain breads are also popular, some featuring nuts and seeds.

In New Zealand, bakeries usually have a variety of pies on hand, as meat pies are among New Zealander’s favourite comfort foods. Pies come in both sweet and savoury varieties, one of the most popular in New Zealand is "Steak & Cheese", another favourite is "Bacon & Egg". New Zealanders will wrap anything in pastry and call it a pie. Other treats include muffins, scones and pastries.

Every neighbourhood in Auckland has several…

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