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In any emergency, dial 111 on your cell phone or landline. Your call will be answered as soon as possible by the 111 service.

The operator will say: “111 emergency – Fire, Ambulance or Police?”

You will be connected immediately to the Communications Centre of the service you need most urgently – Fire, Ambulance or Police.

It is important that you remain on the phone and answer all questions asked – about your location, phone number and the nature of the emergency so the right responder will be dispatched. The operator will tell you when to hang up.

Call 111 again if the situation worsens or help does not arrive when expected.

You can also call 111 if you require Coastguard services.

*555 (from mobile phones only) - to report dangerous driving
0800 161616 Deaf TTY
0800 161610 deaf fax
111 deaf SMS (registered mobile phones only)