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New Zealand

The legal drinking age in New Zealand is 18. Liquor can be sold in stores until 1am, and bars in downtown Auckland can operate 24 hours a day. Stores are not permitted to sell liquor on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and before one PM on Anzac Day. Supermarkets are only allowed to sell wine, beer and cider, for any other types of alcohol you need to purchase from a liquor store.

Wine and spirits, like all other goods in New Zealand, are subject to GST.

There are several breweries in New Zealand producing some well-regarded beers. A six pack of basic, domestic beer generally costs around $12. Specialty and imported beers are more expensive.

New Zealand wines are recognized for their character and quality around the world, especially local Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. New Zealand stores also offer a wide selection of wines from Australia and some from Europe, South Africa, the USA and South America, though it can be hard tracking down your favourite tipple if it's an unusual variety. Everyday wines tend to range from $10-$20, with prices rising from there. Thanks to deep discounting, a perfectly drinkab…

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