Auckland preview

New Zealand

If you love to eat, Auckland is a foodie's paradise. The reason? New Zealand is still primarily an agricultural country, and the city’s grocery stores are bursting with the bounty of a nation full of farms. Supermarkets routinely carry locally-raised, grass-fed meats, artisan cheeses, fresh produce, fish from New Zealand's oceans and rivers and award-winning local wines and beers. Beyond the city's incredibly well-stocked supermarkets, there are also dozens of specialty stores providing gourmet goods and international foods, and weekend farmer’s markets featuring fresh-from-the-farm meats, produce and specialty items.

When you don’t feel like cooking, Auckland is also home to a thriving restaurant scene offering everything from elegant, gourmet restaurants to local cafes. And for those who can’t live without fast food, there are also dozens of McDonalds, Burger Kings Pizza Huts and KFCs, competing for diners' dollars with local burger chains and traditional fish & chip shops. There are also ethnic restaurants in almost every neighbourhood, with a particular emphasis on Indian, Asian and South Asian cuisines.

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