Auckland preview

New Zealand

With over 200 neighbourhoods in just about every price range, deciding where to live in Auckland can be a bit of a challenge.

Where you live may determine much about the type of life you will lead in Auckland. For starters, there is cost. The city ranks #62 on the list of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. Areas of Auckland, particularly those near coveted beach areas and the city centre, are extremely expensive with house prices reaching into the multi millions, however, in other areas, a nice house with a view can be purchased for $350,000. You may also find an extremely inexpensive street right next to a street with some extravagantly high-cost houses. That said, if you find one particular house or street is out of your price range in a neighbourhood you like, don't give up; make sure you take a good look around at all the other streets in the area and even slightly outside the area.

Greater Auckland is divided into five major districts. Central Auckland, the area surrounding the city center, boasts much of the most expensive real estate in New Zealand, although there are areas that r…