Auckland preview

New Zealand

Auckland is located on a narrow isthmus of land, with the Manakau Harbour to the South and West and the Harukai Gulf to the North and East. At the narrowest point, in the Mangere Inlet, less than 2 kilometres separate the Pacific Ocean from the Tasman Sea – meaning Auckland is almost surrounded by water.

The central city is laid out along the Harukai Gulf coastline facing north, offering spectacular views of the calm, turquoise blue harbour and its many volcanic islands. The CBD (Central Business District) hugs the harbour, with residential suburbs radiating out along the coast to the eastern bays with their sandy beaches and cafe culture, behind the city to the south, west to the Waitakere mountain ranges, black sand beaches, abundant vineyards and pounding Tasman surf, and across the Waitemata Harbour and …

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