There are a number or rental car companies in Japan, and they can be found at Tokyo’s two main airports (Narita and Haneda), as well as at a variety of places within the city.Charges for the smallest rental cars are approximately US$55 per day with full size cars costing approximately US$150 per day. The rental agents also charge a compulsory insurance fee of approximately US$10 per day.

Nippon Rent-A-Car is one of the largest rental car companies in Japan, with more than 150 branches in the Tokyo area alone. They can be contacted at 03-3485 7196 or on the Web at

Toyota Rent-A-Car can be contacted at 03-5954-8020 or on their full-service English Web site at

Nissan Rent-A-Car can be contacted toll-free at 0120-004-123 or on their Japanese-language Web site at

Hertz and Avis also have somewhat of a presence in Japan. Avis can be contacted toll-free at 0120-311-911 (or on their Web site at and Hertz can be contacted toll-free at 0120-489-882.