Entertainment in Tokyo is about as varied in terms of its options as most other metropolis’. From karaoke, sporting events, and arcade games to movies, amusement parks, traditional theater, concerts, and other live artistic performances there’s so much on offer. What’s more, Tokyo is a hot spot for traveling troupes of all kinds, meaning there’s always something new to hit the city.

Many movies arrive in Tokyo later than they do in other cities (due in part to the fact that foreign movies need time for subtitling), but most do arrive and are almost always shown in their native language. With the number of cinemas that cater to both foreign and Japanese audiences, finding a ticket to a day or evening showing is almost never an issue.

The Cotton Club and the Blue Note are both home to some of the world’s most famous jazz and classical musicians, and scattered throughout the year, the biggest names in pop, rock, and hip hop take the stage at a variety of events including Fuji Rock Festival and Summer Sonic.

In performing arts, Japan already has plenty available with traditional Kabuki and Noh presentations, and some foreigners might also recognize Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group, both of which maintain permanent event spaces in Tokyo.

Disneyland and Disney Sea are favorites of both Japanese and foreigners alike. Indeed, the neighboring amusement parks are so well-visited, that they reportedly make up the third most visited theme park in the world.

In the end, though, a guide of this kind can only begin to due the city justice in explaining each aspect of entertainment that an expat might (or might want to) encounter. After all, with a culture as rich as Japan’s is, sampling all the entertainment on offer could take a lifetime.