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Japan, Inc.: Introduction to Japanese Economics (The Comic Book) (Paperback)

Author: Shotaro Ishinomori

The principles of economics explained through entertainment – this comic book tackles different aspects of the Japanese economy and then presents the information in a way that can be easily adapted for use in the Japanese business market.

Memoirs of a Geisha: A Novel (Paperback)

Author: Arthur Golden

Arthur Golden, a scholar of both Japanese art and history, paints an incredible picture of life as a geisha based on interviews conducted with “Sayuri”, a former Kyoto geisha. Golden’s first book takes us from Sayuri’s days as a youngster living in a small fishing village to her upbringing as a young geisha, and eventually to her becoming a full-fledged geisha in her own right. Sayuri’s not-entirely-fictional story is described in incredible detail and offers readers a small glimpse of how today’s geisha have evolved from where they began.

Momotaro (Hardcover)

Illustrator: George Suyeoka

Momotaro is the old and famous Japanese fairy tale about a strong warrior who was born from a peach (“momo”) and, with the help of some friends, goes on to overcome the powers of a seemingly undefeatable monster.


Japanese Etiquette and Ethics in Business

Author: Boye Lafayette De Mente

Contains information on how to do business in Japan the proper way. With t…