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Hiring a maid, an ayi (literally auntie), in Shanghai is relatively simple. Managed apartments have their own in-house ayis who are much cheaper (15 RMB – 20 RMB/hour) than agency-hired ayis (20 RMB-30 RMB per hour). As an expat, when you first come to Shanghai, the advice you may get from fellow expats will be not to hire Shanghainese ayis. This is primarily because they have been brought up in the city and the perception is that these ayis are less hardworking than the ayis who migrate to Shanghai from the villages. Whether this is true or false is a matter of opinion and my advice would be to follow a common theme throughout this guide: go on the strength of another expat's recommendation.

Working Hours

Maids usually work 6-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, and are usually willing to cook, shop for groceries, babysit…