Los Angeles preview


Angelinos work hard and play hard, add on top the up to 90-minute commute time to and from work and there’s precious little time to wash the dishes, never mind clean the house. As a consequence, LA has scores of domestic help agencies and individuals falling over themselves to clean your home. There are plus and minuses with each service. An agency can guarantee service but can cost more and you might have a different cleaner each week. Individuals can build a relationship over time but be prepared to be the boss if the job isn’t satisfactory. Also polish up on basic foreign language skills as workers who haven’t yet mastered the English language or at least just enough to get by, often provide domestic help. LA’s high rollers demand domestic help from a reputable agency and a resume as long as your arm. More often than not, domestic help is live-out.

Ask around, referrals are one of the best ways to find competent domes…