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Expat Interview: The American Way

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Expat Interview: I Love Your Accent

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Expat Book Review: Ciao, America

Ciao, America! An Italian Discovers the U.S. is an expat tale of an Italian journalist’s experiences of life in Washington, D.C. In a Bill-Bryson style narrative, Beppe Severgnini…. Read More

Starting a Business in the USA: A Guide for Expats

The U.S. is a fantastic place to start a business. A country that is well known for its entrepreneurial spirit, the United States can represent a really rewarding market. Better still…. Read More

An Expat Guide to the US Healthcare System

The US healthcare system is extremely unique and it is crucial that expatriates who are relocating to the U.S. are fully educated on how the healthcare system operates…. Read More

Expat Interviews: An Expat Author in Paris

Today we meet Aurelia d’Andrea, a U.S. expatriate who, after questioning what she wanted to do with her life, found herself living in a city she loved: Paris. There she…. Read More