Los Angeles preview


Los Angeles is a very wide spread city, with many neighborhoods, shopping areas, public parks, and playgrounds for children and adults to enjoy. LA’s perfect weather keeps the young ones outside and there’s plenty to do, whether it’s trekking through magnificent Griffith Park or spending the day at the beach. Most activities are just a short drive away. Schools organize after school and weekend activities for children, including American football, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Children safety is common sense as it is for adult safety. There are certain areas in the city that are no-go zones, but it's easy to spend a lifetime in this city without having to ever venture into these areas. Kids are always driven to and from school, so there is a certain safety in knowing that they are never wandering the streets alone.

Angelinos work long hours, add on the commute and there’s very little time to spend with the kids during the week if both parents are working. After school and summer activities keep the kids busy until the early evening. There’s also a list as long as your arm of day care facilities, baby sitters, and nannies so that parents can rest assured that their little ones are well cared for.

On the weekends, places like Kidspace Children's Museum, Griffith Park Observatory, and the California Science Center, are among many pl…