Los Angeles preview


Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world and Angelinos are spoilt to choose from hundreds of restaurants offering a multitude of cuisines, dive bars, lounges, dance clubs, theatres and comedy clubs, music venues, cinemas, outdoor events, sports clubs and arenas. The Hollywood industry might steal the limelight but others, too, have made their name here with hotshot chefs and club owners choosing LA as their launching pad. LA doesn’t have the luxury of a creative culture situated in one area. This is the city of cars, so get used to driving to a restaurant, show, or bar. But it’s well worth the drive as the variety is unlimited between the Hollywood, Downtown, Beach cities and the Valley; which are all different from one another.

The music scene in Los Angeles can range from polished pop to eighties rock, electronica to Reggae. Musicians fill up this town as much as actors and most are aspiring and perspiring for a chance to feature their music on film or TV. A recent decline in the music industry saw previous musical landmarks such as the Tower Records and Virgin Records on Sunset Strip, however, plenty of music clubs draw in well-known musicians from elsewhere like the historical Roxy, the Rainbow and the House of Blues. Wiltern and the prestigious Hollywood Bowl are some of the bigger venues.

Theatre, dance and cabaret are thriving in areas like Downtown and Hollywood. There are shows every night of the week and most are of an enviable high standard in this entertainment capital. Whether it’s a burlesque show on a Monday night or a comedy show on Thursday, LA has something for everyone.

California may seem casual in comparison to NYC or Chicago but it is a great place to dress to impress. Smart casual or Hollywood glamour is the order of the day when dining out or seeing a show. Expect your waitress or bartender to be an out of work actor and to be dressed to impress as well as their clientele. Remember to go easy on the alcohol, as someone has to drive home. If you don’t have a designated driver and did have too much to drink, call a cab to get home. (Yellow cab: 877-733-3305 or see Transportation section for more taxi options).