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If you’ve planned ahead and have applied for and received your Social Security Number, then opening a telephone and internet account with a provider is as simple calling a service operator and giving your number. Service providers use this form of identification to check up on past defaults and debts. If you don’t yet have your number then a visit to a shop is necessary where you will need to bring your passport and a copy of your rental or home owners agreement. Telephone service operation takes less than 24 hours.

Service providers are jumping over themselves to offer the best deals. Bundle offers such as landline, cable, and internet are common and are definitely worth comparing, although prices are fairly standard between providers.

The following telephone companies also offer internet, cable, and cell phone packages. Order online, over the telephone, or in person at one of numerous high street stores. Provider websites breakdown individual plans to suit your needs. Pay either for local or long distant calls. Bear in mind that long distance refers to the rest of the USA and not countries abroad.



Home phone plans from: $12.37 (per month, limited usage), $19.95 (per month unlimited) to $26 (per month) with 12 features.

International plans from $1.00 - $5.00 service fee plus country rate per minute (200 countries).



Landline plans start from $19.50 per month.

International plan from $4.99 with city specific plan to $19.99 per month for pre-bulk credit. With $19.99 Verizon World Plan 500, calls to the UK is $0.08 per minute, to Canada, France, Germany is $0.10, $0.15 to China.

Time Warner Cable


Landline digital plan: $39.95 per month.

International plan for pre-bulk credit: $19.95 per month which includes 1,000 minutes to over 100 countries.

Mobile/Cell Phones