Guide on Facilities for Pets in Hanoi

Western pet foods and kitty litter are now available at all major supermarkets as well as western specialty shops, such as L’s Shop in West Lake. A few specialized pet shops have been popping up with the increasing popularity of pets in Hanoi. Many local pets live happily on a diet of leftover rice and meat!

Veterinarians (See the section “Veterinarians” for contact details) can take care of your pet’s grooming needs—this is especially important for dogs or cats with heavy coats, who will suffer in the heat unless they are shorn. The vets carry specialty pet foods and can help arrange pet-sitting, and also offer kennel services.

If you have local domestic assistance with baby-sitting and housecleaning, they may be able to help you with dog walking and pet sitting. A number of western expats also offer freelance pet services. Keep an eye on the bulletin boards at western grocery stores such as L’s Place, as well as at western cafes and restaurants. You can also check the classified section of the New Hanoian website for pet service listings,

The road around the periphery of West Lake, and Lenin Park in the center of Hanoi, are the best places to walk dogs. There are (unfortunately) no health laws regarding animal feces, though of course it is courteous and sanitary to clean up after your dog with a plastic bag.

If you’re interested in buying a pet in Hanoi, several shops between West Lake and Ciputra sell pedigree dogs and cats. These shops are behind the flower market at 152 Hoang Hoa Tham Street. Be forewarned that conditions are far below what you may be used to in humanitarian and sanitary terms.