Guide on Veterinaries in Hanoi

It’s important to keep a record of all your pet’s vaccinations and treatments, including the doctor’s name and clinic address.

The following English-speaking vets provide a full range of treatments and services for your pet:

Green Vet

Dr. Bau
50 Ngoc Lam
Tel: 043 827 2554, Mobile: 090 322 3217

Dr. Bau provides 24-hour first aid for pets, including home visits. He can help complete official documentation for importing and exporting pets, and also provides vaccinations, de-worming, neutering, nail-cutting and breeding advice. He can meet clients at the airport for a fee.

Hanoi Vet

98 To Ngoc Van
Tel: 043 718 2779

Services include 24-hour emergency treatment, home consultations, imported dog foods and heart worm tablets, and pet-sitting.