Hanoi Night Life for Expats:

Where to Go

There are a number of watering holes around town where you can enjoy coffee, tea or a drink in the company of fellow expats.

Southgate is a relaxed and refreshing restaurant and bar located on the Hanoi’s famous ‘food street’. The menu is an eclectic and tasteful mix that includes one of the best burgers in Hanoi as well as wraps, salads, spring rolls and a brunch that will restore all faith in the world. The friendly and professional staff and upstairs balcony make Southgate a sanctuary of sorts, with DJs and selectors playing music every weekend.
28 Tong Duy Ton street, Hoan Kiem district 

Ete is a French bar, café and restaurant that attracts many Europeans. The bar area is always lively with talk in French and English, and there are also booths and tables for more private gatherings. Ete shows major European football matches, so it’s a good place to come when a game’s on.
95 Giang Văn Minh, Tel: 04 97675 1331

The Vine is Hanoi’s premier wine bar, with a truly heroic selection of wines, single-malt whiskeys, and cigars. It’s mostly private seating, but there is also a bar on the first floor.
1A Xuan Dieu, Tel: 04 4 37198000
: vine@vine-group.com

CAMA ATK is a recent hotspot to pop up in the French Quarter. The bar has minimalist design and a host of eleborate cocktails. CAMA ATK is run by a collective of independent music promoters so the musical acts are top notch, with a wide range of sounds from all over the world. Film screenings, poetry readings, themed dance party nights are also regular features of this bar as well.
73A Mai Hac De

Tadioto is a bohemian bar where local and expat journalists and photographers gather. It is one of the most unique establishments in Hanoi, combining design elements from Morocco, Japan, Europe and Vietnam. The front room boasts an impressive collection of miscellanea while the bar’s intimate atmosphere spills out into a green terrace. The space functions as an art gallery and routinely hosts literary talks and music events.
12 Truong Han Sieu
: duc@tadioto.com


To keep track of events around town, keep an eye out for flyers in cafes and bars—-open parties and dance events are often promoted this way.

On-line, the New Hanoian website has an events listing (http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/event/home) for activities around Hanoi that includes everything from art openings to raves.

The New Hanoian also has a plethora of groups covering a wide range of hobbies and interests. To find events and people of your ilk, have a look at: http://newhanoian.xemzi.com/en/group/default

For culture and art listings, check the Grapevine, Hanoi’s arts website (http://hanoigrapevine.com/) to find out about concerts, films, readings, performances and art exhibits.