HSBC and ANZ (see previous section for contact details) consistently get the best ratings by expats in Hanoi. Checking accounts can be opened for either foreign or local currency, and require a deposit of $150 or VND 3,000,000. Time deposits and interest-bearing savings accounts are also available.

Before visiting the bank, you may wish to have a look at what’s offered on their English-language websites:

You can visit these banks during office hours without an appointment to open an account or get information on what types of accounts are available. When you’re ready to open an account you will need to take your initial deposit and the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (pasted or stamped into your passport).
  3. Customs declaration (the white form attached to your passport when you passed through customs) – needed for a foreign currency account only.
  4. Proof of residence in the form of ONE of the following, specifying your name and address:
  • Temporary residential confirmation issued within 3 months.
 (You can get this from your landlord or housing agent, it’s a simple certificate of residence.)
  • Utilities bills (water, electricity, fixed-line telephone, cable TV, fixed-line Internet) issued within 3 months.
  • Management fee bills, rental bills issued within 3 months.
  • Bank or credit card statements issued within 3 months.
  • Correspondence from banks or insurance companies issued within 3 months.
  • Valid local driving license.