The Epicentre of Incredible India

Perfectly seated on the banks of the magnificent Yamuna River, the ancient city of Delhi has held an important position in the seat of power for more than one thousand years and through its eight successive cities it has evolved to become an embodiment of the collective ambition of the people of India. It is a fascinating place that plays host to captivating ancient and medieval ruins and moments, an interesting blend of diverse cultures and backgrounds, beautiful colonial architecture, a growing nightlife scene and a rich cultural and artistic movement.

Delhi is big, and still growing. A city that is accustomed to foreigners, the boom in high-tech industries and the lure of multi-national companies has generated a melting pot of people from all over the world and expatriates have become an ordinary feature of everyday life, albeit in a society that is very much Indian. The presence of diplomatic and trade missions, a large number of multi-national companies and foreign investors and a constant stream of visiting professionals gives the city a cosmopolitan air that is both stimulating and fascinating.

India's capital can be bamboozling and you must be prepared for a full on sensory overload. However, expatriates who are prepared to look beyond the pandemonium will discover that Delhi is a place of hidden treasures, beguiling people and oases of serenity and beauty.

What's the draw:

  • A melting pot of cultures where you can experience the past, present and future unfold right before your eyes.
  • A place where you can experience the heart of the Indian nation and everything that comes with it.
  • A city that is welcoming to strangers and tolerant of differences.

Live there:

Delhi is a thriving metropolis that can often seem daunting to new arrivals. Through preparing in advance you can ensure that you get the best possible start for facing the challenges that may arise. Our guide can help you to do just that. We’re confident that our insider-view on Delhi will become an invaluable source that will allow you to quickly and easily acclimatize to this sometimes frustrating, most often exhilarating, city.

  • Though Delhi is, in many ways, a world-class city with international standard amenities, like most of India it is also a city of contrasts—poor infrastructure, frequents power cuts and traffic congestion that are sure to exasperate you even if you live in one of the city’s richer communities. Our guide to living in Delhi contains specific recommendations and practical information to help you navigate the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.
  • India is a truly unique country and the cultural differences can initially feel overwhelming. Our expat has lived in India for many years and is therefore in an ideal position to share her knowledge of the Indian culture and social norms. We provide full insights into the Indian hierarchy, traditions and cultural beliefs so that you can be prepared in advance for your move there and avoid inadvertently insulting the people you live amongst.

Pull back the layers on this ancient metropolis and you’ll find a true gem.

Interesting fact

There are almost 4 million two wheeled vehicles in Delhi.