Buenos Aires


How well do you know Buenos Aires? Take our quiz to find out.

1. Buenos Aires is located on which stretch of water?

2. What is the nickname given to the local people in Buenos Aires?

3. What was the original purpose of the Palace de Glace?

4. In which cemetery will you find the resting place of Eva Duarte de Peron?

5. What is the name of the office of the President of the Republic?

6. What food do the people of Bunos Aires typically eat on the 29th of each month?

7. What does Buenos Aires mean?

8. Buenos Aires was founded by the gold seeking Pedro de Mendoza in which year?

9. Juan Perón became the president of Argentina in?

10. Eva Peron, wife of Colonel Juan, died of cancer in?

11. Anti-Perón forces in the military, seeking to dislodge him from power, ordered the Argentine Navy to bombard the Plaza de Mayo, the city’s central square in?

12. You should never give knives or scissors as gifts to an Argentinean?

13. It is custom to arrive at an event 30-40 minutes after the start time?

14. When partaking in a formal meal you should try and take responsibility for pouring the wine?

15. When in Argentina you should avoid eating and drinking while walking along the street?

16. When invited to dinner, as a guest you should choose where you would like to sit?

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Five top tips

01While knowing Spanish is not a necessity to living in Buenos Aires, many porteños will be more willing to help you out if you know some basic p
02Having an open mind and realizing that laws, contracts, rules, & pretty much everything else is flexible and liquid will save you a lot of headach
03There is a shortage of coins in the country, and you need them to use the public buses, so keep your change and pay with note where possible.
04Electronics, such as computers and cell phones, are up to 400% more than expensive in Argentina so bring your electronics with you.
05Property prices are always inflated and it is a buyer's/renter's market here, so make sure you negotiate hard when finding somewhere to live.

Interesting fact

Buenos Aires was actually founded twice. Once in 1536 by Don Pedro de Mendoza, a Spanish colonizer and for the second time in 1580 by Juan de Garay.