How well do you know Barcelona? Take our quiz to find out.

1. What is the Tridibabo in Barcelona?

2. What is the name of the tallest structure in Barcelona?

3. Who is the patron saint of Barcelona?

4. Barcelona is the capital of which region?

5. What is the official nickname of FC Barcelona’s squad?

6. Who designed La Sagrada Familia?

7. Approximately how many people live in Barcelona?

8. In which year was Barcelona founded by the Carthaginians under Amilcar Barca?

9. In which year was the first Spanish railway is constructed between Barcelona and Mataró?

10. In which year was the World Exhibition held in Barcelona?

11. In which year did the left-wing coalition forcibly exile King Alfonso XIII?

12. In which year did Barcelona host the summer Olympics?

13. In which year did Barcelona receive a medal for the city’s architecture?

14. In Spain it is normal to eat dinner very late in the evening?

15. If you are given a gift in Barcelona you should not open it immediately?

16. You should not give flowers as gifts in Spain?

17. If you are guest of honor at a dinner in Barcelona you will be expected to give a toast?

18. In Barcelona it is not acceptable to eat with your hands, even fruit?

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Five top tips

01Get a bank account: This will be the first thing most utility providers, telecom connectors and employers will require.
02Get your NIE: This is a ´foreigners number´ and will probably be the second thing that utility providers will request.
03The government offers free Catalan lessons to foreigners, in order to promote this rare and unusual language, so take advantage of it.
04Agents in Spain can ask for up to nine months worth of rent as a deposit, ensure you have sufficient funds to pay this.
05Spain is notoriously bureaucratic, allow between three and ten times as much time as you normally would for administration tasks.

Interesting fact

10% of Barcelona is covered by parks.