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New Zealand

While New Zealand is not an extremely religious country, most major religions are represented in the Auckland area to varying degrees. Depending on how religious you are, you may want to consider where a place of worship is for your beliefs when you’re determining which neighbourhood you want to live – you will only find one or two locations for some religions or denominations in all of the city area.

Due to the multicultural community of Auckland, you’ll are able to find services in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and other languages if you desire.

Below is where you can access more information about each religion and a representative place of worship and service hours.


NZ Website:
Place of Worship:

North Shore Baha’i
Location: 712-714 Beach Road, Browns Bay, Auckland
Contact: (9) 410 2812,
Services: Sunday, 9:30 – 10 am


Website: All the major denominations are here and you’ll find a list at

Places of Worship:

Greenlane Presbyterian…