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New Zealand

Pets are found all over the Auckland area, and are allowed most everywhere – except for certain restricted public areas, like cemeteries, swimming pools, libraries and certain areas of a few popular beaches.

Owners are required to keep their dogs on leashes in most public areas and to clean up their faeces. The law calls for dogs to be registered yearly. You can find the complete legal requirements for dogs and other animals at the Auckland Council website. You can obtain a discounted license rate if you pass the 'Dog Owner License'. To get this license you need to pass a responsible dog owner test, have no previous or outstanding animal control complaints registered against you, plus you may have your property and dogs inspected by a council official to ensure you are keeping them correctly.

Cats basically have no restrictions or licensing requirements. But don’t count on keeping a pig as pet in the Auckland area – that’s a no-no.

Ferrets and Koi Carp are banned as pets in New…