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10 Great Expat Destinations for Digital Nomads

Economist Nicholas Bloom estimates 42 percent of the United States switched to working from home during the pandemic. With this as an option, people became increasingly enticed to make the most of this opportunity and started considering life on the road. That means looking at moving and working in countries with cheaper living costs, better welfare systems, and more relaxed culture. What are the best expat destinations for digital nomads in 2022?

So here are 10 great expat destinations for digital nomads to visit:

1. Estonia

This eastern European country is unaffected by mass tourism, which means you will be able to really appreciate the culture and blend in with the locals. Estonia has recently launched a new Digital Nomad Visa[1] for remote workers, which means you can live and explore this beautiful country whilst still working for employers abroad. The downside of this scheme is you need proof of high earnings (€3,504 a month). For information on healthcare system for expats in Estonia visit Expat Financial website.

2. Croatia

The Croatian government is in the process of finalizing its Digital Nomad Visa. Once it is complete, they believe travelers can start applying for the visa at the beginning of 2021. Swap your grey four walls for the Adriatic Sea and enjoy exploring this Game of Thrones paradise on your days off.

3. Anguilla

This list wouldn’t be complete without suggesting the quintessential beach life. This Caribbean island is not only stunning, but it has had only three Covid-19 cases this year. Anguilla also recently launched a Digital Nomad Visa, which costs USD 1000 per three months.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam is another country that has done a superb job of containing the virus through strict and well-communicated measures. Although their economy is damaged from the lack of tourism, things are slowly building back up to normal, making it a promising place to kick off your digital career. Expatriates living in Vietnam
is cheap, bustling, and has an outstanding food scene, and people who make a move here are rarely disappointed.

5. Colombia

A great café culture, brilliant weather, and fantastic Wi-Fi make Colombia another great choice. There are lots of hiking to do around the city and easy access to neighboring countries. The number of digital nomads in Medellin, the second biggest city in Colombia, is growing significantly, so you’ll have lots of buddies to collaborate with.

6. Portugal

Looking for that slow-paced lifestyle? Then Portugal may be for you. Beautiful architecture, cheap food, and an abundance of co-working spaces make this a great option. Lisbon has become a very hot spot for digital nomads these days and the country is very accepting to tourists and expats alike. A place where people eat Pastéis de Natas for breakfast? Sign me up!

7. Serbia

Europe is full of hidden gems and having beautiful destinations for digital nomads, and Serbia is another one. It has a great outdoor scene such as wakeboarding and hiking and a buzzing nightlife, which means you can really live life to the fullest in this country. It is very affordable, and you can snag an apartment in Belgrade for about USD 400 per month.

8. Mexico

Mexico has always been a popular travel destination, but it is now evolving as an attractive place for digital nomads to put down some foundations. Many people speak English, and it’s comparatively easy to navigate the immigration process. You’ll love the beautiful beaches and happy vibes of this place.

9. Bali

Bali has stable internet connections and tons to explore. Nomads love the relaxed vibes of this paradise and how easy it is to get around the island. The cost of living is predicted to be around USD 1100 per month and lovely destination for digital nomads.

10. Cambodia

Cambodia is an amazing country in Asia that is still rather underdeveloped than its neighboring countries, but that’s also what makes it so intriguing and charming.  Known for its abundant markets, street life, and stunning temples, Cambodia’s digital nomad scene is booming, so the opportunity to network and bond with others is easy. You can get a one-year visa for roughly USD 285.

Important Summary of Expat Destinations for Digital Nomads

So there you have it, 10 great destinations for digital nomads to consider working from during this pandemic. If you’re convinced that life on the road abroad could be the best way forward – then we wish you all the best! We don’t think you’ll ever look back.

Finally, make sure you get good international health insurance as you don’t want to get caught out with a huge bill should you need medical care abroad (especially during a pandemic). Better be safe than sorry these days. If you are needing personal advice and support in your global health insurance needs, you are best to deal with an insurance broker with extensive expertise in medical plans for digital nomads, such as Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global.


Author: ExpatInfoDesk