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8 Reasons to Move to Mexico as an Expat

Mexico has often intrigued visitors with its sun, sand, and sea, but there’s a lot more under the surface. Over the last few decades, Mexico has become a top destination for expats and global nomads, and it’s easy to see why. From lower costs to fabulous climates, move to Mexico to settle down and begin living your dream life as a digital nomad.

Reasons to Move to Mexico as an Expat

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Cost of Living

One of the main draws of moving to Mexico is the low cost of living. Expats can find high-quality housing, utilities, food, and other necessities for a fraction of the costs found in the US and Europe. Even in more expensive hubs like Mexico City or the coasts, you can easily live on a budget of $1000 per month. You can even stretch your budget to $500 in smaller cities away from the tourist path. This makes Mexico a great place for digital nomads and remote workers, as this can allow you to create room in your budget for savings, travel, and other lifestyle expenses. You can also get excellent real estate deals in Mexico.

Climate in Mexico

If you are wishing for beach weather year-round, Mexico’s coasts are the perfect place to move. Unlike in the United States, for example, beach properties in Mexico are surprisingly affordable, so you can live a beach lifestyle at any income level. While some high-altitude areas experience colder weather, most of Mexico enjoys mild temperatures year-round, even away from the coasts. There are also relatively low levels of rain, except in the south, where the rainy season is more pronounced.

Healthcare in Mexico

Along with the generally low cost of living, healthcare in Mexico is also extremely affordable. Here, it’s simple for global nomads and freelancers to purchase cheap private health insurance. You can also use the government-subsidized health insurance system, the IMSS, and pay even less. This is a great option for expats who are working in Mexico. Plus, you’ll find the same quality of hospitals, doctors, and medicines as you would in the US or Europe.

Expat Communities

If you’re moving to another country, your community is essential. Luckily, Mexico has long been a hotspot for expats and global citizens. Many cities have large expat populations, so you’ll be able to connect with people who have moved to Mexico for the same reasons as you. This is great for those just beginning their global nomad journey. Some of the most popular spots for expats include San Miguel de Allende, Lake Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, and San Cristobal de las Casas.


Moving to Mexico is a great way to slow down and enjoy the little things. People in Mexico are often very laid-back and friendly, contributing to thriving local communities and low-stress lifestyles. You’ll also get to enjoy Mexican culture at its finest. There’s no place better to enjoy Mexico’s famous cuisine, and to witness their vibrant holidays and local festivals. Living in Mexico is a great way to get up close and personal with a welcoming and exciting culture.

Generous Visas

Mexico is an excellent gateway into expat life because of its generous visa allowances. Citizens of the US, Canada, and most European countries are allowed to stay in Mexico for 180 days with no visa at all, even if you’re traveling for business. This way, you can make sure Mexico is right for you before you move permanently. Beyond that, it’s easy to apply for a temporary resident permit, which can be renewed for up to four years, and later, a permanent resident permit. As long as you have proof of sufficient funds, you should have no problem obtaining residency.

Learning Spanish

Mexico, unsurprisingly, could be the best place in the world to learn Spanish. Only about 10% of the population speaks English fluently, so it’s an excellent immersive environment for learning. On the other hand, there are still large expat communities, so you won’t be completely lost either. This mix makes it great for beginners and intermediate learners alike.


Visitors often underestimate just how much there is to see in Mexico, and as an expat, you’ll have easy access to everything the country has to offer. Domestic air travel is accessible and efficient, and you’ll be able to see the spots that one-time visitors often miss. See man-made wonders like the Mayan pyramids on the Yucatán Peninsula and the massive metropolis of Mexico City, before you head to natural oddities like the “frozen waterfall” of Hierve el Agua. There’s really something for everyone in Mexico, and as a global citizen, there’s nothing keeping you in one place.

When Going to Mexico, Don’t Forget Global Medical Insurance!

Note that medical services in most of Mexico are quite inexpensive, but it still makes sense for expatriates and global nomads living in Mexico to buy high-quality and portable international health insurance that will cover them in Mexico, regionally, and also back home. While you may be tempted to just go on a local plan, make sure you think about that decision. A high-quality global medical plan is the recommended and preferred solution for most international citizens residing in Mexico. One of the most popular global health plans for global citizens living in Mexico is offered via Expat Financial – it is the Cigna Global Health Options plan. You can get a quote and even apply if you are living abroad or about to in the next 45 days.

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