disadvantages of dual citizenship

5 Disadvantages of Dual Citizenship for Expatriates

Dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. Even though the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of dual citizenship, it is important to know the cons before choosing this complex status. Drawbacks of dual passports include double taxation and the complicated process of obtaining them. There are also other responsibilities that you need to fulfill for both countries.

As a dual citizen, you may have the freedom to travel freely in both nations apart from enjoying various benefits like easy access to two social service systems, property rights, etc. Here are five disadvantages of having dual citizenship for expats and global citizens:

 Disadvantages of Dual Citizenshi

Limited Assistance from Your Native Country

Dual citizens are bound by the laws and regulations of two different countries. Either of the two countries has the right to enforce laws on the dual citizen. So, if you have committed a crime or are accused of it, determining the country to prosecute can get complicated. For instance, if you are an original US citizen and get sued in the country you opted for as your second citizenship, you may get limited or virtually no assistance from the US government.

tax exclusions and exemptions

Complex Citizenship Processes

One of the other disadvantages of dual citizenship is that the processing can get very complicated and time-consuming. The processing for some dual nationalities may even take years. It can be an expensive affair too. If you have already decided to go for dual passports, it’s worth looking for an immigration lawyer at a reasonable cost.

 Disadvantages of Dual Citizenshi

Double Taxation Liability

One of the major drawbacks of dual citizenship is the responsibility to pay income taxes to both countries. If you are primarily a US citizen, you will have to pay income taxes even if you live in another country as an expat or dual citizen. So, obtaining double nationality would mean that you will end up paying taxes on income in both the native country and your newly adopted country.

However, if you have settled in a country with a tax treaty with the United States, it will drastically reduce or eliminate your tax liabilities. However, you may have to file a tax return in both countries, making it one of the disadvantages of dual citizenship. Consult a qualified expat tax specialist to be well informed about income tax laws for dual citizens.

 Disadvantages of Dual Citizenshi

Career Issues

As a dual citizen, you may face difficulty pursuing a career in a government office where you have access to classified information. You may not get security clearance to work in such departments. However, if you are born in a family with dual citizenship, you may face lesser issues than if you gained dual citizenship on your own.

Dual Responsibilities & Obligations

Dual citizenship implies that the laws of two different countries bound you. Some countries have made it compulsory for citizens to serve in the military. If one of your nations requires it, you can end up risking or losing citizenship in the other. So, you must check the country’s citizenship obligations that you would opt for as your second home.

Summary of the Disadvantages of Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship may sound very exciting for most expats. However, consider all the disadvantages before you make the final decision. Research carefully on the pros and cons associated with the long and complicated process of acquiring dual citizenship status. Each country will have its own set of laws and regulations for citizens. So, knowing them and getting adequate guidance through qualified experts will save you from a lot of financial hassles later.

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