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5 Great Countries To Get Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship, or sometimes known as multiple citizenships, is when an individual is recognized as a citizen of two or more countries at the same time. There are many benefits of holding dual citizenship, such as global mobility, security, business opportunities, tax advantages, and access to quality lifestyles such as world-class healthcare and education. However, not many countries allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship.

Here are Some of The Best Countries to Get Dual Citizenship

You can obtain dual citizenship in various ways, depending on the prerequisites laid down by your expat country. Here are six countries that are considered as the easiest places to be a dual citizen:


1. Paraguay

If you ever desired to live the South American lifestyle, Paraguay can be a great option. The eligibility criteria are simple too. You need to be in the country for three years and a minimum of 183 days in a year. You also need to have just about £4,000 in your account in a Paraguayan bank. If you can meet these two conditions, you can easily get a Paraguayan passport and dual citizenship.


2. Italy

You can emigrate to Italy permanently if you have your family tree documents in place to prove that you have an Italian heritage. One of your parents or grandparents must be of Italian descent. If your spouse is Italian and you live in Italy for over 3 years, you can apply for an Italian passport. You can also obtain citizenship if you are born in the country and lived there until you are 18 years of age.

People from the EU can apply for an Italian passport if they have lived there for over four years. People from outside the EU will have to live for 10 years to be eligible for dual citizenship. Apart from identity proof, it would be best to qualify for dual citizenship if you had a ‘good character.’


3. Ireland

It is easy to obtain Irish citizenship, especially if your ancestors are from Ireland. If one of your family members was born in Ireland, you could apply for citizenship through the Foreign Birth Register. Foreigners can get dual citizenship through naturalization. You will be eligible for naturalization if you have resided in Ireland for five years. This is also possible if you marry an Irish citizen and live in the country for at least three years.

Dominican Republican

 4. The Dominican Republic

As a citizen of the Dominican Republic, you can travel to all the Commonwealth countries without a visa. When applying for citizenship at Dominica’s Caribbean Island nation, you need to pay some processing fees and invest at least $100,000. Apart from an interview, there will be a background check and medical examination during the citizenship processing period, which can take more than a year.


5. Guatemala

The Guatemalan Investment Program to acquire residency or citizenship is not too expensive. The Guatemalan Residency Requirements are quite flexible, and the fast-track citizenship process lets you acquire Guatemalan nationality quickly. You need to invest in government bonds worth $50,000 before applying for citizenship under the Investment Program. You can apply for the passport and full citizenship immediately after purchasing the bond, which may take eight to nine months.

During the first year of residency, you should be physically present in the country for a minimum of 21 days. In the ensuing two years, your presence in the country should at least be 28 days. To be eligible for Guatemalan citizenship, you should have certain documents as proof of international health insurance and a clean criminal record.

Author: ExpatInfoDesk