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    Posted by Steve 

    Hi there,

    Looking for some simple tax advice on overseas income. Have looked through HMRC website and even more confused!

    I moved out to middle east on 12th September 2014 and plan to be there 5 years with only 20-25 days per year back in UK. I’ve gone through the residency test and it states I remain UK resident as I owned a property int he UK since Apr 14 (although I wasn’t resident based on my number of days living in UK).

    What I am trying to establish is whether or not I am liable to pay UK income tax on the money I earn in Middle East for the remainder of this tax year 14/15.

    Would really appreciate any expert views as the HMRC website is tougher than Algebra!

    Thanks in advance..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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