10 More Tweeters all Expats Should Follow

A couple of weeks ago we ran an article that highlighted some great expat tweeters that can be found on Twitter. Judging from your comments we may have missed some great expats tweeters off our list of people to follow. Never fear, today we will put that right. Here’s some expats who regularly update their Twitter statuses and blogs with information that can be of real benefit to an expat audience.


Drie specializes in sharing information about expatriate children and Third culture kids. Her tweets are great for families who have, or intend, to relocate abroad. She describes herself as: “I am an adult third culture kid (ATCK) was expat kid. Lived in Africa. Blogger. Passion for people, cultures, parenting, TCKs, kinderen in andere culturen. http://drieculturen.blogspot.com

Peter Franklin

Peter is more of a specialist in international working than an expatriate but there is no doubt that his tweets and writing will be of immense interest to expats who are adjusting to working in a new culture. Describes himself as: “Interculturalist, university professor, consultant, trainer, speaker, co-author of The Mindful International Manager & of Intercultural Interaction http://www.themindfulinternationalmanager.com.”


Crystal is an American expatriate who has left behind the US for a life in Singapore. A mother with a second child on the way, she shares tweets about day-to-day life in Singapore and the life as a mother. Describes herself as: “Stay @ home mom, writer, reader, sf/f junkie, liberal, traveler. Expat Bostonian now in Singapore.”

Louise Wiles

Louise in an expatriate coach who has experienced the trials and tribulations of relocating overseas on many an occasion in the past and now shares her experiences with others via her tweets and website. Describes herself as: “I’ve moved around quite a bit and know what it’s like, the highs and the lows. I help people like you make a success of their relocation abroad. http://www.successabroadcoaching.com.”

Alison Golden

Alison is a British expat who tweets about her life in California. Describes herself as: “Writer, blogger, life coach, T-Tapper, Brit, California resident, apparently conventional mom of twin boys who is, in fact, a superhero.”


Aisha is the author of the popular expat blog Expatlogue. She regularly writes about her life as an expatriate mother and describes her experiences living overseas. Describes herself as: “An energetic, optimistic, self-motivated mother of three, with funny toes, who has crossed geographical, cultural & religious borders & lived to tell the tale.”

The American Resident

An American expat who lives in the UK and regularly tweets about life overseas. She shares her experiences of raising children abroad and regularly shares links to resources that will be of interest and help to the expat community. Describes herself as: “American expat in the UK for 20 years. (Yes, I’m homesick! Yes, I’d miss the UK if I moved back!) Writing about parenting, blended families & living well. http://www.theamericanresident.com.”

Nicola McCall

Yet another expat tweeter who has experienced life in the Netherlands, Nicola is a British expatriate who lived abroad and now invests significant amount of time sharing her experiences with others. She publishes a great daily newsletter entitled, “Expat Coach in Netherlands” and provides useful advice and insights for people looking to move overseas. Describes herself as: “Coach and Expatriate. After 9 years as expat facing life as a repat in UK. Usual female /mum entrepreneur trick of spinning all the plates at the same time!”

Emma Kaufmann

Emma is a British author who is currently experiencing life in Baltimore. She writes a regular blog with fellow author Gillian Martin that describes the realities of life as a mother and discloses all the secrets that all the other baby books and blogs conveniently leave out. Describes herself as: “Brit, Boaster, Boisterous who blogs at www.mommyhasaheadache.blogspot.com Also author of ribtickling book: Cocktails at Naptime.”

Expat Mum

Expat Mum Toni Hargis regularly tweets about raising children overseas and life as an expat Mum. She writes a great blog, which offers observations about her life in the USA and also offers fellow expats insights into the British culture in her book Rules Britannia. Describes herself as: “(Expat Mum), Author – Rules Britannia; An Insider’s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom, blogger, mother and wife. Live in Chicago and observe life. http://www.expatmum.blogspot.com.”

Author: ExpatInfoDesk