Florida Beach

Top 8 Reasons to Move to Florida

If you’re looking for a change of scenery and weather, moving to Florida from abroad can be the perfect choice because of its lovely beaches, beautiful weather, low living costs, tourist attractions, and many other reasons. I visited Florida from Canada several times with my family and always enjoyed my time there. Florida has always been a significant destination for Canadian snowbirds, who are Canadians who spend the winter in Florida and other Southern states in search of sunny weather.

In the past several years, many foreigners, especially from Central and South America, have moved to Florida because of these reasons, making it an ideal state for expatriates. Here are the top eight reasons why you should move to Florida.

Florida Beach

Here are some top 8 reasons to move to Florida:

1. Beaches
With over 1,000 miles of coastline, Florida has some of the best beaches in the United States. These beaches are the perfect places to relax in the sun, swim, and snorkel or scuba dive. We recommend visiting Fort Lauderdale Beach, Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, and Clearwater Beach.

2. Weather
Florida has warm and sunny weather most of the year, making it ideal for people who wish to live in the sun. This sunshine state has an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent place for enjoying various outdoor activities, such as paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, tennis, and boating.

3. No State Income Tax
A massive pro to living in Florida is the lack of state income tax, which allows you to keep most of the money you make. With a low sales tax, renting property or purchasing items is much easier. Tourists contribute to taxes, making life easier for official Florida residents because of these tourists visiting.

Retirement Destination

4. Retirement Destination
Those who move to Florida do that because of the warmer weather, low taxes, and affordable housing. Florida is the most popular state to retire in, mainly because of one of the best qualities of life and access to a fantastic health care system. Many excellent retirement destinations in Florida, such as Palm Beach, Naples, and Sarasota, have maintenance-free homes, fishing piers, golf courses, and many other activities a retiree can enjoy. This makes Florida a dream spot for people to retire in.

5. Excellent Real Estate Options
The real estate market in Florida is still strong, and housing development is booming. Despite homes in Florida being slightly above the average in America, the home prices are still reasonable. This housing market and living costs in Florida are much cheaper than in states such as California and New York, which have the highest living prices and expensive real estate markets, causing many residents of those states to move to Florida for a better quality of life. You must scout the real estate market before moving there to find a home best suited to you.

6. Theme Parks
For those who are into theme parks, moving to the state is a paradise for theme park enthusiasts since Florida is home to some of the best amusement parks in the country. These theme parks include Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Legoland, Volcano Bay, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and many more unique ones.

Florida Tourist Attractions

7. Many Tourist Attractions
Florida has many tourist attractions, including Daytona International Speedway, Everglades National Park, Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Kennedy Space Center. Each city has its attractions to offer. There are endless opportunities to explore this great state with many beautiful towns to visit, such as Miami, Jacksonville, Key West, and Tampa Bay.

8. Several Different Sports Teams and Events
If you are a big-time sports fan, Florida has sports teams that cover many popular sports, such as football, soccer, hockey, baseball, and basketball. These teams include The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Panthers, Miami Heat, and Orlando Magic. If you wish to see other sports teams train, some sports teams choose to have training camps in this state because of the great weather. If you’re a mixed martial arts fan, the UFC also hosts events in Florida annually.

The state of Florida offers many great opportunities and a brilliant quality of life for those who want a change of climate and scenery. With many tourist attractions, low living costs, beautiful beaches, and no state income tax, this state has become a favourite for people who live in states and countries with expensive living costs, making Florida an ideal place for many to move to. Whether you are moving here for a better life, business or work opportunities, or to retire, Florida awaits your move.

Remember to Buy Health Insurance Coverage?

If you are from outside the USA and would like to move to Florida, you should obtain global health insurance as you may not be eligible for local American domestic health plans. Most experts recommend purchasing it to protect you from high medical costs so you can handle large medical bills. This purchase will also ensure you get the proper medical services, including treatment of illnesses, emergency care, and preventive care to get better outcomes for your health.

Health coverage will also cover many crucial health services, such as hospital stays, medications, doctor visits, and preventative screenings, which will not severely damage your finances. Health coverage will be worth it, lessen the chances of extremely high medical bills, and get you faster healthcare access.

Written by Mark T, a student based in Canada.
Author: ExpatInfoDesk