Around the World in 30 Expatriate Blogs

Leaving behind the safety net of home to start a new life in a strange country can be an experience that changes your life and your outlook beyond all recognition. The challenges of settling in to a new environment and fitting into a new culture can be both mind-blowing and slightly unnerving.

The following 30 expatriate blogs chronicle the life and times of individuals who have taken up the gauntlet and embraced the challenge of sampling life in a foreign country.

The Best Expatriate Blogs for 2011


Amsterdam expat blog

Alexis in Amsterdam

A frequently updated blog that describes the daily life of an American expatriate living in Amsterdam. The bog describes everyday events, such as visiting the cinema and sampling local restaurants, as well as describing some more exciting times traveling around Europe and exploring new cultures and traditions.


Expatriate blog auckland

Practically Perfect

A great blog that is full of pictures, illustrations and photographs. It describes the everyday life and adventures of a US expatriate who is currently sampling life in Auckland. The writer is currently pregnant so additional insights are available on experiencing pregnancy overseas.


Expat blog Bangalore

Towers Take a Trip

This blog tells the tales of a US family who have left the sunny shores of California in order to explore life in Bangalore. It’s great reading for families who are considering making a similar move as it provides really useful insights into transitioning into the cultural complexity of life in India.


Expat blog bangkok

First Stop Bangkok: Life in Bangkok Blog

A weekly updated blog that provides insights into living in Bangkok, sampling the nightlife, exploring the museums and palaces and general sightseeing in this interesting city.


Expat blog Barcelona

Perfect Travel Blog

This travel guide blog is perfect for learning about all the activities and sightseeing that is on offer for expatriates living in Barcelona. Regularly updated it always features new and exciting ways to explore and have fun.


Expat blog Beijing

The Middle Kingdom

Expat blog telling the tales of everyday life in Beijing for married couple, Mat and Kara Banker. The blog is full of interesting stories, anecdotes and advice on living and surviving in this Chinese metropolis.


Expat blog Berlin

Expat Lady Blog

A great blog that describes life abroad for a young couple and their newly born child. The blog contains great insights into life as an expatriate in Germany.


Expat blog brussels

Beauty in Brussels

An online diary telling of the adventures of a self-proclaimed beauty addict who attempts to navigate beauty products and explore treatments in her host country.

Buenos Aires

Expat blog buenos aires

Vidaes Belle En Buenos Aires

A blog written from the perspective of a 22 year old as she samples life in Buenos Aires. Although she has now relocated back to the United States the blog entries remain extremely useful for people who are contemplating life in this South American city.

Cape Town

Expat Blog Capetown

Expat Cape Town

An award winning blog that describes life in Cape Town as an expatriates. Regularly updated it contains interesting anecdotes and stories about life in this African city as well as up to date news and information articles.


Expat Blog Chicago

Sceptical Expat

Online diary of a 30 something academic who has relocated to Chicago. Great blog that is full of insights and stories about day-to-day life in Chicago.


Expat Blog delhi

Our Delhi Struggle

A blog describing the expatriate adventures of two New Yorkers who are currently sampling life in Delhi. Their regular updates have becomes so popular with the expatriate crowd that they will shortly be publishing their own book describing their adventures in this Indian city.


Expat Blog Hanoi

Hong Kong

Expat Blog Hanoi

Ordinary Gweilo

Everyday tales and tribulations of a British expatriate living in Hong Kong. The blog contains short entries containing observation humor as well as the latest news regarding what’s going on in Hong Kong and in the wider world in general.


Expat Blog London

Cranky Monkeys in London

“1 Estonian + 1 Australian + 2 little Estonian/Australians + 1 live-in Estonian (grand)mother + 1 Russian (blue) cat. What’s it all about: Bilingual kids, sleep deprivation, running addiction, gluten-free diet, part-time job, travelling, enjoying Europe”.


Expat Blog Madrid

Expat Mama

A long running, award winning blog from a thirty something expatriate mother who is living in Madrid with her Spanish husband. The blog contains very thorough entries covering issues such as expatriate tax and the elections as well as providing personal stories about what life is really like for an expat in Madrid.


Expat Blog Melbourne

Rachel Devine

An interesting blog written by an American expatriate mother of three who makes a living in Melbourne Australia teaching taking professional pictures of children. Her photoblog contains amazing pictures of her live in Australia.


Expat Blog Moscow

English Dad in Moscow.

The writer describes it better than we ever could: “Slowly having a breakdown… A travel blog and diary of life in Moscow, Russia and the daily routine of being a ‘SAHD’ (stay at home dad) and other such things. Join me on a tongue-in-cheek fun journey into another universe.”


Expat Blog Mumbai

Diary of a White Indian Housewife

The second time we have written about this blog, and for good reason. The online diary tells of life in Mumbai for an Australian woman who met and fell in love with future husband in a nightclub in Mumbai. The blog is extremely fascinating and shares information on both life an expatriate in Mumbai and the cultural intricacies of being married to a local man.

New York City

Expat Blog New York

Nappy Valley

Online diary of a freelance journalist and wife of a doctor who left London in 2009 to live in New York. The entries are thorough and contain a wealth of information that will be incredibly useful to any expatriate considering relocating to this American city.


Expat Blog Paris

David Lebovitz: Living the Sweet Life in Paris

The food blog of an expatriate living in Paris. The entries are not limited to recipes and food advice, they also contain interesting observations on life as a foreigner in Paris.


Expat Blog Seoul

Evan and Rachel: The View From The Gu

An expatriate and travel blog that is written by two American travelers, Evan and Rachel who have currently settled in Seoul. The blog contains plenty of videos documenting their lives in Korea as well as some great personal stories.


Expat blog Shanghai

Shanghai Shangrila

A regularly updated blog from an American couple living in Shanghai. Their entries contain interesting information about moving to Shanghai and settling in as well as sharing details of their everyday experiences in the city.


Expat blog Singapore

Singapore Sojourn

An informative look at life in Singapore. Useful posts that are scattered with photographs and personal stories.


Expat blog sydney

Yellow Brick Road

A blog detailing the everyday adventures of an American family of five living in Sydney, Australia. The blog is very professionally presented and features plenty of uplifting stories, observation humor and great photographs.


Expat blog Tokyo

Danny Choo

UK-born expatriate Danny Choo lives and works in Tokyo and illustrates his life there with amazing photographs and illustrations. The site provides a really interesting look at life in Tokyo.


Expat blog Toronto

Expat in Toronto

A blog written by an Brit who is currently living in Toronto. The blog contains comprehensive entries describing what life is really like as an expatriate away from home as well as describing everyday experiences in Toronto.


Expat blog Vancouver

Moved to Vancouver

An online blog diary relaying tales of the life of a gay couple who left behind the United States to start life afresh in Vancouver.


French Twist

A blog that is written by a French expatriate who has been living in Washington for over 8 years. The blog contains photographs, videos and detailed posts that describe life in Washington for an expatriate.

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