Mumbai preview


You will find a wealth of products in the markets, malls, and shops of Mumbai, from haute couture to street-side bargains. Modern stores and boutiques saturate the tourist hot spot of Colaba, air conditioned mega malls reign in the northern suburbs, and outdoor markets are dotted everywhere in the city.

Clothing and shoe stores in Mumbai carry Indian saris, kurtas, and chappals or western style jeans, tops, and sneakers. Furnishings and kitchenware are also available in either Indian or Western styles, though locally made items are usually better bargains. When it comes to electronics, you can purchase all kinds of gadgets and machines from simple coffee makers to washing machines and laptops. Books in the English language are easy finds, and cheap, too. Of course, you must not miss the lively and colorful outdoor markets and bazaars thick with stalls of various trinkets and knickknacks.

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