Mumbai preview


If there's one word synonymous with Mumbai, it's Bollywood. Mumbaikars are crazy about the Hindi films which revolve around similar plots: a couple falls in love only to face some kind of tragedy or despair - perhaps due to an evil parent or two - but, in the end, the problems are resolved and the lovebirds live happily ever after. Bollywood movies are long, about three hours, and are typically an entertaining mix of acting, song, and dance. There are cinemas all over Mumbai where you can watch films put out by Bollywood and by Hollywood as well.

But Bollywood is not the only way Mumbai can entertain you!

Recreational sports are another great source of entertainment in Mumbai. While field hockey might be the national sport, Indians are all about cricket; and Mumbaikars are just as crazy about their favorite cricket teams as Europeans are about their football teams. Drop by one of the maidans, or playing fields, in south Mumbai where pros and locals alike enjoy their beloved game.

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