Where in the World do British Expats Live

British expatriates who are keen to escape life in the UK for a higher quality of life abroad are continuing to head to Australia according to statistics released by the UK Department of Work and Pensions.

The expat data, which was released in conjunction with the Institute of Public Policy Research indicates that Australia remains Britain’s favorite overseas destination, with a total of 1,062,000 UK citizens living there, 251,000 of whom are pensioners.

Taking the second spot is the USA, which is now believed to be home to 829,000 former UK residents, of which 140,000 are currently drawing UK pensions.

New additions to the top ten list of British expat’s favorite destinations are Germany, which currently houses 97,000 Brits including 39,000 retirees; and the United Arab Emirates, which is home to 65,000 expats, including 680 pensioners.

Top Ten Destinations for British Expats

Destination Number of British Citizens Of which drawing a pension
Australia 1,062,000 251,000
USA 829,000 140,000
Spain 808,000 104,000
Canada 608,000 157,000
Ireland 289,000 126,000
France 253,000 57,000
New Zealand 248,000 54,000
South Africa 219,000 38,000
Germany 97,000 39,000
UAE 65,000 680

The British Foreign Office also revealed that there are an estimated five million British citizens currently living overseas in over 100 different countries. The most popular destinations for Brits abroad remain countries where English is spoken as the first or second language.

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