Record Numbers of Expats Move to Canada


More expatriates relocated to Canada last year than ever before according to figures released by the Citizen and Immigration Canada.

A total of 257,515 people took residence in Canada last year, continuing the year-on-year increase in the number of people relocating to the country for the seventh year running.

In total, an average number of 250,000 new immigrants per year have relocated to Canada since 2006, positioning Canada as one of the top nations in the world in terms of per-capita immigration.

Numerous visa reforms in recent months have been indicative of the Canadian government’s keenness to attract new residents to the country and it is hoped that the influx of foreigners will help to generate jobs and improve the overall economy. Discussing the changes, Jason Kenney, citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism minister, said: “The government is continuing to move toward a modern and effective immigration system that attracts the skilled immigrants that Canada’s economy requires.

“This new fast and flexible system will respond more effectively to Canada’s labor market needs, support family reunification, and provide protection to genuine refugees.”

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