Dubai Expats: Could Your Facebook Activity Land You in Jail


Recent reports from Dubai indicate that it could. According to news reports, Businesswoman Amarjit Kaur Dhadli, 44, is facing charges in the emirate as a result of trading insults on the Facebook social networking site.

The Indian-born British expat originally sought assistance from police after she was harassed for sex on the site by American computer engineer Qasem Ali. Having being lured by the police into a hotel rendezvous, Qasem Ali was arrested and charged with sending abusive messages. However, the tables were quickly turned when the police scrutinized messages that had been exchanged between the pair in the Facebook chat room. During one exchange, while rejecting Qasem Ali’s advances, Amarjit Kaur Dhadli instructed him to have intercourse with his mother.

Amarjit Kaur Dhadli is now due to be charged with sending “curses and insults” on the social networking site and faces a maximum jail term of six months.

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