Expats Need to do More Research Before Relocating to the UAE

A new survey has revealed that up to 50% of expatriates who relocate to the United Arab Emirates face serious problems because they have fail to adequately prepare for their move to the region.

According to a survey that was commissioned by Zurich Life Insurance and conducted by YouGov, nearly half of the expats surveyed had revealed that they were ill prepared for life in the UAE and 29% said that they found the overall experience of moving to the UAE more difficult than expected. In terms of the difficulties that they faced once they had relocated, 21% of the 800 people surveyed said that they had problems obtaining a driving license, 18% claimed that they found it challenging to find and retain suitable jobs, 17% struggled with the cost of living and 12% said that they found the weather hard to endure. Just 10% claimed that they were sufficiently prepared for their new life abroad.

Discussing the survey results, Maroun Mourad, CEO of general insurance operations in the Middle East at Zurich Life Insurance, commented: “Although the majority of people find moving to the UAE straightforward and simple, a third of expats struggle with the experience.

“Moving to a new country is always a daunting undertaking, and everyone’s experience is different, but it seems that a lack of information increases the anxiety of people relocating to the UAE.”

Discussing her own experiences with UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, Sarah Wingate a British citizen who currently works in Abu Dhabi commented: “nothing prepares you for actually living and working in the UAE; the paperwork, passport copies and passport photos, and more importantly, the patience you need.

“I meet a group of friends for coffee every weekend, and I can honestly say there’s not a single time that one of us doesn’t have a ‘You’ll never guess what…’ story about the region.”

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Read the full article: http://www.zurich.ae/en/news/uae-practical-information.htm