Resources websites guide news, information, and other details on Tokyo, be sure to check out the following:

Useful Government Web sites

  • Japan National Tourist Organization ( – The government’s official tourism Web site offering tourism recommendations across Japan in a variety of languages.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government ( – The city’s official Web site in English providing a large variety of detail and additional resources on life in the city.

City Guides

  • Gaijin Pot ( – An informative site on Tokyo and Japan as a whole that provides details on community resources, job searching, and access to discussion forums.
  • Gourmet Navigator ( – Not sure where to eat? Drop by this site to search a fairly comprehensive database of Tokyo’s eating establishments.
  • Hyperdia ( – Online train route finder giving details on fastest route from start to destination, fare, and time required.
  • Japan Guide ( – An informative Web site providing information on life and travel in Japan including details on community resources, sightseeing guides, and access to discussion forums.

Expat Sites

  • Tokyo English Life Line ( – Providing free telephone and nominal cost face-to-face counseling in English, along with medical, legal, business, daily life, and other information.
  • Tokyo Orientations ( – As the name suggests, Tokyo Orientations helps new expats get acclimated with life here, including home and school selection support, provision of practical living briefings, and more.

News & Classifieds

  • Japan Today ( – News on Japan, in English, from Kyodo Newswires and other sources, along with access to forums. Japan Today is also related to Metropolis magazine.
  • Nikkei Net ( – Published by the Nikkei group, Nikkei Net offers English translations of many of the stories found in Nikkei (short for Nihon Keizai Shimbun – Japan’s top daily business newspaper), and related publications.


Japanese English Dictionary Server ( – The top Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary on the Web, includes industry specific jargon lookup as well.