Los Angeles preview


Los Angeles certainly has much more to offer than just three hundred days a year of sunshine and blue skies, although rubbing in that fact with a handful of sun cream is sure to make anyone back home just a little bit jealous. So now that you are here and you’re enjoying the Mediterranean climate and the tan, it is time to actually start living here. Luckily for expatriates in Los Angeles, the city is not so strange to them. LA’s sprawl has meant that ethnic difference has remained intact. While New York’s ethnic mix has been forced to live side by side and become a true melting pot of cultures, LA is so spread out that many ethnic cities have a little more geographical separation from one another.

If you are one of the many “Foodies” in town, LA can offer a variety of ethnic foods that have remained authentic from American influence as well as creatively inspiring exotic food with an American, or more specifically, a Californian touch. Spend a day out in Little Tokyo, Chinatown, or Koreatown, and you can experience ethnic restaurants, grocery stores and markets full of food from the old country. Most people speak English, but don’t be surprised if you face a little challenge communicating with people.

With more than 240 countries represented in Los Angel…