Los Angeles preview


Los Angeles is a food lovers’ paradise with many cuisines to choose from and price ranges to accommodate any paycheck. California cuisine is still popular today with chefs taking on the fusing of different cuisines and using locally grown ingredients. There are variations of this theme from world-class chefs showing off their prowess to local diners often selling a new gimmick on the menu. LA hasn’t quite caught on to the European Michelin Star restaurant rating system that NYC has recently taken in its stride, but give it time.

Although many restaurants specialize by country, expect menus to cater for all tastes to cover all bases.

While you can find almost anything in any cities in Los Angeles County, there are areas that are more authentic for certain foods. If you are seeking real Chinese food, cites such as San Gabriel and Alhambra have it. You can also go downtown for its Chinatown, but it’s a little on the touristy side. For Japanese food, the equivalent of Chinatown is the Little Tokyo downtown. For the real deal, take 110 Freeway or the 405 Freeway South down to Gardena or Torrance. Korea Town has a big spread of authentic restaurants within. There is also Thai town in the east side of Hollywood where you can also find authentic…