Malaysia is known to have an excellent healthcare system, and you can be sure of the latest up-to-date medical care. Most doctors and a large proportion of the nursing staff are trained in the West and are familiar with western-style hospitals. As a bonus, many of the medical staff speak English. If, by some misfortune, you find yourself in hospital, you will receive a friendly and compassionate bedside manner from your medical team.

If you are a legal resident of Malaysia and hold the MyKad identity card, you are entitled to Malaysia’s universal healthcare system. That is, healthcare when and where you need it at little to no cost. As an ex-pat you can use this service if necessary, but there will be a cost.

If you are a foreign employee in Malaysia, you might have the option to contribute to The Foreign Worker Hospitalization and Surgical Scheme. Under this scheme, the employer also contributes on behalf of the foreign employees.

However, most ex-pats opt pay into a private health insurance that will cover you from your first date of arrival.

Health Insurance for Residency

For citizens of the USA, Canada, and Australia, when applying for residency in Malaysia, you will be required to show proof of private health insurance or travel insurance that covers medical costs.

Health Insurance for Ex-pats

While medical treatments in Kuala Lumpur are much more affordable than in other western cities, costs can add up, especially if you are involved in an accident or have an ongoing illness. As a traveler and an ex-pat, you want your health insurance to cover you in your adopted country and also while traveling and visiting home.

There are many different companies offering insurance for ex-pats, and this can get confusing. We have made it simple. We believe that Global Health Insurance has the most to offer. You can check out our health insurance policy for ex-pats and request a quote by filling out the form here.

You will receive a detailed plan, quote, and additional information from one of our health insurance experts.

Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Both the private and public hospitals in Malaysia are known for their skilled medical staff and excellent level of care. Of course, as anywhere, private hospitals offer a higher level of care with the latest up-to-date. Your private health insurance will cover you for these services.

Private Hospitals and Medical Centers

  • ParkCity Medical Centre is one of Malaysia’s most trusted and respected healthcare providers. It employs the latest medical technologies and has 24-hour medical emergency care. In 2022 it was the winner of the Asia Pacific Global Health Award for child development and pediatric services.

  • Gleneagles Hospital is a private hospital offering a wide range of medical services and procedures.

  • Pantai Hospital is a private hospital offering many different medical and surgical disciplines, as well as 24-hour medical emergency care.

Public Hospitals

  • University of Malaya Medical Centre is a training hospital for medical students and offers medical care that includes consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for patients.

  • Kuala Lumpur Hospital is a government-subsidized medical facility with twenty-eight clinical departments, including emergency and trauma.


To call an ambulance in Kuala Lumpur, call 999 on your phone or 112 from your cell phone. While there is a free ambulance service for low-income patients, most ex-pats call one of the private ambulance companies. These services are generally well equipped and have paramedics onboard.


You’ll have no problem locating a pharmacy (farmaci) in Kuala Lumpur. You can find them throughout the city center, in shopping malls, medical clinics, and hospitals. A list of pharmacies in Kuala Lumpur is available here.

Doctors and Specialists

There are at least four hundred and fifty doctors in the Kuala Lumpur area. A list of doctors, dentists, and specialists near you is available here.

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