A traditional housekeeper in Houston is often a part-time employee who does the cooking, laundry and manages the entire household. Often, these individuals are also employed as nanny’s or au-pairs.

Here are some resources for finding household staff:

Mom’s Best Friend Agency – 800-204-2681, http://www.momsbestfriend.com/household-staffing-home.aspx
Houston Housekeepers – http://www.sittercity.com/housekeeping/tx/houston.html


Cleaning Service

Generally, Houstonians employ house cleaning individuals that perform different duties and services. What kind of service depends on the provider; some only offer dusting and vacuuming while others offer everything including laundry and cleaning windows. It also varies how often they come, with some coming once a week and others once a month. If you get an individual person (also called cleaning lady) through word-of-mouth or a classified, they may be easier to work with and more flexible with your requests than a professional service, which on the other hand gives you more security.

Prices generally range around $60 – $100 for a three-bedroom home, once a month, with general cleaning, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping down everything and cleaning bathrooms and cleaning kitchen including top stoves. Prices mostly depend on services provided, size of home and whether the help is hired through a professional maid service or a part-time individual.

Here are some professional service companies: