Health Coverage Guide Hong Kong

Hong Kong does not provide free health care, so medical treatments have to be paid for individually. The health care system itself is very good and hospitals operate at the highest standard.

Two systems are available; public and private and of the 56 hospitals in Hong Kong, 41 offer public services. Public health care in Hong Kong is government-subsidized and anyone with a Hong Kong ID card can receive treatment at the lower rate. However, not all of the hospitals will offer English-speaking doctors and nurses and the levels of service provided will not be as efficient as that offered to private patients. A list of the public hospitals in Hong Kong can be found at:

As a holder of a Hong Kong ID card, you are entitled to treatment at any public hospital, where the approximate fees for a day’s care is HK$100. This includes accommodation, food, medical provisions and surgery. Private hospitals charge anywhere from HK$600 to over $3,000 per day for a bed alone, and this does not include medicine, surgery or other services.

There is no need to affiliate yourself with one hospital upon your arrival as you may use any one, at any time.

If you wish to secure the highest levels of care and have access to private health care you must ensure that you have adequate health insurance coverage. The majority of expats working in Hong Kong are covered by an employer-sponsored health plan, but if your employment package does not include medical insurance or is insufficient for your needs, there is a wide variety of insurance plans to choose from in Hong Kong. Under most medical insurance plans you will be limited to the services of practitioners who are affiliated with the insurance company. For more information see the section “Doctors and Hospitals”.

The insurance market in Hong Kong is competitive, so shop around to find a plan that is best suited to your needs. A basic insurance plan will cover the cost of outpatient treatments, hospitalization and surgeries. Dental treatments and maternity care are usually not included in basic plans, but there are additional policies which will provide this. Many expats opt for international health plans, which provide comprehensive coverage globally. These vary in price according to your individual requirements so you will need to contact the providers to gain an understanding of the applicable fees.

Like insurance plans everywhere, pre-existing conditions, infertility treatments, cosmetic surgery and other conditions, such as drug addiction, are not covered by private insurance companies in Hong Kong. The cost of private insurance is not prohibitive in Hong Kong and the premiums depend on the level of cover that you require and also on your age of entry in a particular scheme. If you are subscribing to a plan through your employer and will be part of a group insurance plan you are likely to get a better rate. Insurance plans in Hong Kong even cover visits to specialists; however, to visit a specialist you usually need to get a referral letter from your own doctor.

Major Medical Insurance Providers:

AXA Insurance
Tel: 2523 3061

HSBC Insurance
Tel: 2233 3130

Tel: 2281 1333

Falcon Insurance
Tel: 2232 2222

AIA Insurance

Expat Medical Insurance
Tel: 3113 1331

Pacific Cross Insurance
Tel: 2573 2535

Zurich Insurance Group
Tel: 2968 2222

Global Health Asia
Tel: 2526 0505

Alliance Insurance
Tel: 2891 8915

Tel:2510 3941