As a socialist republic, Vietnam offers health coverage to all citizens, but this does not apply to expats living or working in Vietnam. If you are in Hanoi with a corporation or embassy, your benefits package will certainly include local health insurance. If you are moving to Vietnam independently, you should arrange health insurance with an international provider, such as AIG (, in your home country.

If you need to arrange health insurance once you’re in Vietnam, Bao Viet is the best option. They offer four different coverage packages ranging from $600-800/year for individuals, and have a brochure in English.

Bao Viet Insurance
8 Le Thai To
Hoan Kiem District
Tel: 84.4 3928 9898

Several medical facilities offer international standards and English-speaking staff. You should affiliate yourself with a clinic or hospital upon arrival—don’t wait until an emergency or sickness occurs! A doctor will be better able to serve you and your family if he is already familiar with your records and health history. The medical facilities listed in this section will keep your records on file throughout your stay in Vietnam. For information on healthcare system for expats in Vietnam visit Expat Financial website.