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Children’s Books

Chicago History for Kids: Triumphs and Tragedies of the Windy City Includes 21 Activities (For Kids series) by Owen Hurd and Gary Johnson

This book is for older children, those who are able to read by themselves, or teens. But it might also be a good way to discover the area of Chicago and its history for the parents. The book starts with “Chicago before Chicagoans” and ends with “Chicago in the New Millenium”. For each chapter, the children will enjoy activities (experiments, arts and crafts, cooking, writing, etc. …) always linked to the city and its history. A wonderful activity book for young expats living and discovering Chicago and its area!

Journey Around Chicago from A to Z (Journey Series) by Martha Zschock and Heather Zschock:

This book is interesting for children of 7 years old and up. It might be a good idea to buy it before you move (if possible), to read it with your children and discover all the places described in the book upon your arrival. You will then prepare your children to his/her new environment as well as a new expatriation abroad.


Chicago: A Novel (P.S.) by Alaa Al Aswany

This novel takes place on a college campus in Chicago after 9/11. It is about the relationships between Arab and American people in this very particular context. It gives an accurate portrait of what is America now, still dreaming but full of complexity.

Lords of Lawndale: My Life in a Chicago White Street Gang by Michael Scott